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At Metis Counseling Group, we are more than just a counseling practice group; we are a beacon of hope, understanding, and healing for individuals and families facing mental health and substance abuse challenges.



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Your Partner in Mental
Health and Substance
Abuse Treatment
Your Partner in Mental Health and Substance Abuse Treatment
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Your Journey to Mental Wellness Begins Here
Counseling for Every
Step of Your Path
Compassionate Counseling for Every Step of Your Path
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We Take Care of
Your Mental Health
So That You Take
Charge of Your Life
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At Metis Counseling Group, our licensed therapist treats individuals and families with depression and anxiety, substance use, crisis trauma, DWI, and more. Our mental health clinicians hold expertise in a range of specialties, ensuring that you receive professional and authentic support throughout your healing journey.
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Clinical Support
At Metis Counseling Group, our hallmark is the guidance provided by licensed counselors. Our mental health counselors hold expertise in a range of specialties, ensuring that you receive professional and informed support throughout your healing journey.
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Holistic Approach to Well-being
We take a comprehensive and holistic approach to mental health. Beyond addressing immediate concerns, we delve into the root causes of challenges to promote lasting transformation. Our counseling services encompass emotional, psychological, and social dimensions, focusing on enhancing overall well-being.
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Post-Therapy Support & Follow-Up
The work that is done in therapy, accompanied by post-therapy support, works together to change your life. We provide post-therapy support such as homework, self-care techniques, and follow-ups to ensure the sessions are effective. Our team remains available for consultations and guidance even after the therapy session.


Take The First Step Toward Your Healing

Embark on a transformative journey with Metis Counseling Group. Let us guide you through life’s challenges and empower you to embrace a future filled with resilience and emotional well-being.
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Depression and Anxiety

Are the heavy clouds of depression weighing you down? The constant feelings of sadness, hopelessness, and lack of motivation can twinkle down and start impacting the...

Substance Use

Substance Use

Substance abuse doesn’t only affect us internally and physically, but depending on the extent of the usage, it can affect relationships, jobs, promotions, and life opportunities.

Crises and Trauma

Crises and Trauma

Trauma can impact everyone differently. Traumatic experiences can leave deep scars that may seem impossible to heal. At Metis Counseling Group, we believe in assisting to build...

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Family and Parenting

Familial relationships can look different from one family to another. Everyone has different visions and expectations for individual roles. Family dynamics can be beautiful and...

Your Path to Healing

Get The Kind of Support
You Need?

Individual Counseling

Family Counseling

Couples Counseling

Group Counseling

Metis Counseling Group embodies the mantra “Therapy through authenticity.”

Face-to face-support

In-Person Counseling

Experience face-to-face support and personalized counseling with our licensed professionals at our inviting office space.

Flexible scheduling Support

Virtual Counseling

Embrace the convenience of counseling from the comfort of your own space through our secure online platform.

Convenient support

Telephone Counseling

Benefit from counseling sessions via phone conversations, offering a convenient support mode.

Preference Based Support

Hybrid Counseling

Benefit from a blend of in-person and virtual counseling sessions that suit your unique needs and preferences.



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Metis Counseling Group is your trusted and compassionate counseling platform for mental health and substance abuse treatment that embodies the mantra "Healing the Mind and Body."

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